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About me

Tv’s Star of MAGIC’D Tom Wright is one of the most sought-after close up magicians in the entertainment industry. His unique style of visual magic and fast-paced comedy is guaranteed to leave your guests not just entertained, but totally amazed.

Over the course of his 15-year career Tom has been engaged to perform at weddings, corporate dinners and a string of highly prestigious events throughout Europe.

Tom can perform close up magic for your guests by moving between groups in a drinks reception setting, or by entertaining whole tables during a dinner. From visual, comedic shows to almost sinister mind games, he specialises in capturing imaginations with stories and sequences of tricks only to twist the tale at the end to shock his audience.


Selina Donald (senior Project Manager)

"Great Entertainment! I would highly recommend Tom for any event"


"Mindblowingly Fantastic"


"Outstanding magic, We will definitely use Tom again"

BETH (coronation street)

"I need to have a party just to get him there"



The most magical event of anyone’s life, your wedding day, is a day to remember and what better way to celebrate the special day than with a special entertainer. Tom will create a bespoke programme of astonishment and bafflement exclusively for you leaving your guests clamouring for more.

His close up magic performance is an ideal contrast to the razzmatazz of the day’s proceedings and is the perfect centre-piece attraction or ‘filler’ while the bride and groom changes, Tom guarantees your guests will be royally entertained on the day and talk about it for many years to come


Looking for that something that gives your next party or function the edge? Bring a touch of magic to your next event with a professional performer who will have your guests scratching their heads in wonderment and splitting their sides with laughter.

Tom has been performing close up magic since the age of 12 and has been mystifying audiences ever since. He is at home with all size of audiences, from the largest to the most intimate and takes great delight in watching people’s faces as he makes the impossible suddenly possible and all in close up detail.


Let Tom help you create a business event that is remembered long after the event has ended. With a bespoke programme of close up magical entertainment designed to captivate all types of corporate audiences Tom guarantees to deliver a command performance every time.

From trade shows to full blown Galas and Dinners, Tom is gaining an unparalleled reputation for astonishing his audiences with truly unbelievable illusions all performed before their very eyes.

Tom in action